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What the ocean tells us

Since I first began M Cakes Sweets in January of last year, amazing things have happened! I've met and established relationships with wedding planners -- people who are passionate about what they do. I am surrounded by wickedly talented people from designers, planners, florist, bakers, photographers, makeup artists, and djs. I am forever grateful for the people I have met on this journey thus far.

A few months back I was introduced to Esther Sun, a photographer with pretty fantastic camera skills. She teamed up with Sarah Park, party designer extraordinaire, and together they created what you see before you. Ocean waves, gorgeous flowy vintage gowns by Gossamer, perfectly adorned flowers by Art With Nature. I was asked to make a cake and jumped at the opportunity. Umm hello.... Esther Sun and Sarah Park? Yes, I was ecstatic!

Wedding blog, Elizabeth Anne, featured this inspired shoot on her site and we are beyond happy! Ocean colors of grey, variations of blue, and whites. I wanted to leave the surfer theme cake for another birthday party and create something reminiscent of ocean waves. The usage of watercolors were also another inspiration for this shoot, therefore, I hand painted using a mixture of lemon extract and navy blue food coloring with a touch of black to create the ombre effect and voila....

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