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Rita Nguyen Pham created M Cakes Sweets with the philosophy of using the finest quality ingredients for the most decadent of desserts that can be whipped up with love. She wanted people to understand the true taste of sweetness -- what a cake is supposed to taste like -- without any added filters.


Being a self taught baker meant countless hours in the kitchen perfecting her dessert recipes. At a young age, she was inspired by her mother who baked homemade shortbread cookies, raspberry cheesecake pies and brownies topped with caramel and hazelnuts.


As a mother of three, Rita plans to pass along the tradition of creating quality homemade sweets to her daughters. She started her catering business in 2013 with the hopes of bringing people together to share in the genuine sweetness of her home baked cakes and goods.





Susan Nguyen, assistant of M Cakes Sweets, is an aspiring food scientist. She is currently studying at the University of California, Irvine and finds the chemistry and science behind food and nutrition intriguing. As a young food and sweets enthusiast, Susan spends most of her past time exploring new places and finding the best spots to eat. She is also a calligrapher and brings her immense artistic talents to the team at M Cakes Sweets. She hopes to share her food adventures with you!


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