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Spring Wedding Cakes
"I always knew Rita was a great cook so it seemed natural to ask her to come up with a weekly batch of sweets for me to hand out as a treat during the numerous  meetings I conduct on a daily basis with high-level administrators, faculty, students & staff. Words do not even begin to describe what a hit they have been! No matter what she makes, whether it is pudding shots, blondie bars, chocolate chip cookies, you name it, they ALL love them! From the second people walk in the door, you can see moods change for the better once her box of sweets have been noticed. MAGIC! Thank you, Rita, for making a difficult & stressful part of my job so much easier and something to look forward to for all!"

-Dr. Mark Carrier, California State University    |   9495725158   |    ​© 2014 M Cakes Sweets. All rights reserved 

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